You have a great career… but NOTHING else feels right?

I believe in a “sherpa" style mentorship I will guide you through the emotional and spiritual places you must go in order to heal past wounds, identify limiting beliefs and rediscover your true self. 

I will show you the shortcuts, the meadows, and the stepping stones;  I will witness your awakening and your journey back to your essence so that you can finally feel safe to be yourself, connect to your intuition, face your divine wisdom and get what your heart wants.

Sher·pa  /ˈSHərpə/

noun: Sherpa; plural noun: Sherpa; plural noun: Sherpas


Originally meant the tribe in Nepal whose social custom was to provide humane and courageous mountain guides to outsiders. This tribe didn't use last names, so they were all referred to as Sherpas. To the Sherpa, all Himalayan peaks are sacred, so every tour holds ethical and religious meaning. Westerners picked up on this and use Sherpa to mean an experimented guide who knows the way up the peaks.

I have some...












Are you satisfied with your career, but unsatisfied with your love life? 

Do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin? 

Do you feel like you constantly have to prove yourself?

Are you feeling drained by your family? 

Do you intimidate men? 

Are you worried about being alone forever? 

Are you worried about your biological clock? 

Do you wish you had more of a social life? 

Are you ready for a healthy relationship?

Do you want a fulfilling sex life? 

What if I could show you that there’s nothing wrong with you? 

What if I could show you how to love your body? 

What if I could show you how to attract a healthy relationship? 

What if I could show you how to create boundaries with your family without feeling guilty? 

What if I could show you how to awaken your intuition: aka. Your divine wisdom?

Would you be interested?

Before you apply, make sure you agree with the following:


  1. I am ready to make a financial investment to accelerate my personal growth.

  2. I am ready to take action and do the inner work required to achieve the results I desire. (including reading, journaling, meditating, tapping, and a variety of exercises)

  3. I am willing to show up for myself every day (1 hour a day required)

  4. I will show up for my sessions with clear intention and transparency.


If this is you go ahead and click the button.


she is tired of...

her crappy love-life

being single forever

intimidating men

worrying about her biological clock

her lack of social life

feeling drained by her family

hating what she sees in the mirror

not being comfortable in her own skin

not feeling sensual or attractive at all 

constantly feeling that she has to prove herself


so she BURIED her LIFE IN her WORK

This is for professional women who are satisfied in their careers, BUT… have completely disconnected from their BODY, HEART and SPIRIT.

Have you caught yourself saying…

  • "Sometimes I feel like I’m going to be single forever!”

  • “Sometimes I hate how I look!” 

  • “There are days I would rather be alone”

  • “I want to enjoy my body”

  • “What if I'm too late?”

  • “I am not sure what I believe in”

  • "I want to belong somewhere"

  • “I am the support of my family”

  • “I don't want to go out”

  • "All the great guys are taken”

  • "My success is taking a tool on my personal and love life"

  • "Is it all worth it?"

  • "What do I want to do with my life?"

What you will walk away with… 

  • Understanding of your power to create your life

  • The ability to distinguish your intuition from your inner critic

  • Integration with your body and your spirit

  • Clarity on what you want and the pathway to create it 

  • Emotional intelligence while learning to set healthy boundaries

  • A deep love for yourself and your inner child

  • You will learn to trust again, everything you want is possible

"I've been there,

let me guide you


Esther Iturralde



About me...

Esther Iturralde born and raised in México City started Rocket Visual Communications 10 years ago; a studio specializing in branding. It was through Rocket that she found her calling to entrepreneurship and coaching. She began coaching 5 years ago and focuses on 1:1, transformational coaching. It was after coaching that she found success in public speaking, and online courses focused on emotional health and well-being.


In the last 6 years, she has created a membership program, many online courses, her latest project "Epic Love" – a deep dive into relationships, healing and self-love. Epic Love guides those experiencing profound romantic loss to a place of peace and healing. Esther’s recent successes include her hit podcast Reinventate, which is currently the number one Spanish podcast in health and self-help in Latin America. 

Currently, she is writing her first book.