Success is a funny word

January 8, 2018


Many will say that they want to achieve success, but they often times do not have a clear picture of what exactly that means. Of those who do have a picture, only a small fraction have an idea of how to attain success in a meaningful way- an achievement that actually brings the satisfaction that we all strive to attain. I believe the reason for this is because most of us have the procedures of achievement upside down. We go after the stuff or the experiences we want to have, which by and large exist outside of ourselves. We hope, yearn and pray that we’ll be fulfilled when we get what we have been fighting for. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, this plan has failed most of us. For those of us who are able to attain our goals, the victories are far less than truly satisfying, and certainly not enduring.


What if the reason that we have been chasing our tails is because we are setting the wrong goals? What if the answer to gaining enduring satisfaction is to re-calibrate our goal setting strategy- to transition from an outside-in mentality, to an inside-out reality? I believe that the path to enduring satisfaction is not to have bigger goals, or even better goals, but instead lies inside. Our goals should transition from the external or material, to the int